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Picaro is a blended English language course for children from 3 years old, created in co-operation with Cambridge English Language Assessment, a world leader in English qualifications. It brings together technology and print materials, such as Student’s Books and Workbooks, providing comprehensive, engaging and well-integrated tools for today’s classroom.

  • Age: from 3 years old
  • Language: Both British English and American English versions available
  • CEFR: Pre-A1 to A2
  • Cambridge YLE: Pre-Starters to Flyers
  • A minimum of 120 hours per year
  • Additional Foundation level for younger children
  • Almost 1,000 educational online games

How can Picaro support your English teaching needs?

  • Picaro is mapped to the Cambridge English: Young Learners Exams, providing you with the highest quality academic content and helping you prepare your students for exam success.
  • Exciting online games are an integral part of the course - there are almost 1000 educational games– so you always have material to engage with children.
  • With a large variety of materials, the course can be easily tailored to meet your classroom's needs: choose a complete 6-year blended English solution or start with online games and storybooks.


Picaro Level
Cambridge YLE
Level 1
Pre Starters
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Levels explained

Level 1 (Foundation for younger children) – equivalent to 2 years of study

Level 1 provides a language foundation to children who have no prior knowledge of English and who don’t know how to read and write yet. It is recommended for younger nursery children. The level includes 4 Student’s Books, each providing up to 6 months of tuition.

Level 2 (Starters) – equivalent to 2 years of study

Level 2 explains vocabulary and grammar structures in line with the Cambridge English: Young Learners Starters Exam. Level 2 materials are commonly used as course starters in primary schools. Learners need to have some knowledge of reading and writing and to have some familiarity with English. The level includes 4 Student’s Books, each providing on average up to 6 months of tuition.

Level 3 (Movers) - equivalent to 2 years of study

Level 3 extends the languages presented in previous levels in line with the Cambridge English: Young Learners Movers Exam. The level includes 4 Student’s Books, each providing on average up to 6 months of tuition.

Level 4 (Flyers) - equivalent to 2 years of study

Level 4 introduces more complex language structures in line with the Cambridge English: Young Learners Flyers Exam. The level includes 4 Student’s Books, each providing on average up to 6 months of tuition.



Picaro offers a wealth of teaching and learning materials. Ask your local distributor about different packages.

Student’s Books

The Student’s Books have plenty of play-based activities and tasks in the style of the Cambridge English: Young Learners Exams. Each unit is accompanied with online games available to download or play live on PC or Tablet. Student’s Books and games mirror each other to ensure a seamless learning experience.

Online games

The first things you notice about Picaro online games are their impressive animation, energising audio and engaging visuals. Students learn English without even noticing that they are studying. The games’ content is mapped to the Cambridge YLE, familiarising children with key language they need to know on their level.

Each Picaro game is scored with one, two or three stars as a reflection of the child’s performance. This gamification element motivates learners to practise until they get the best possible results.


The Workbooks are perfect for homework and in-class practice. Each Workbook contains a wide variety of review and practice exercises and covers all of the language areas in the corresponding Student's Book.

Teacher’s Books

The Teacher’s Books provide curriculum maps, step-by-step lesson plans with suggestions for paper-based and online learning activities. Teachers will find all the guidance they need to deliver a complete blended learning experience.


Picaro Storybooks are fun and engaging reading materials presented in an attractive comic book format. They improve children’s reading skills and abilities, including confidence, topic comprehension, vocabulary and spoken and written English. Each book is set on a planet from the Picaro galaxy and features Picaro avatars and characters.

Picaro Phonics

Five Phonics books with Teacher’s Handbooks improve children’s English literacy. Students also learn how to write each letter of the alphabet, spell a range of common words and form simple sentences. The Interactive Learning Scenes bring phonics learning to life on the Interactive Online Board.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The Learning Management System is a simple and intuitive online tool that allows schools and teachers to track progress, manage classes, and download additional teaching resources including:

  • Flashcards and Learning Scenes
  • Picaro Diploma to celebrate your students’ achievements
  • Printable progress tests with answers
  • Printable placement tests with answers
  • Songs and unit audio
  • Sample Cambridge Young Learners tests

Blended learning

Today’s children are excited about using computers and mobile devices like never before. The Picaro blended approach smoothly integrates technology into the print course curriculum, making learning both enjoyable and efficient. Embrace technology in your classroom today and benefit from the blended approach:

  • Blended learning provides a link between home-based and class-based learning.
  • Gamification element motivates children to complete tasks by turning them into fun, exciting and rewarding games.
  • Blended approach helps accommodate a range of learning and teaching preferences.
  • Children develop a range of IT skills that are important in today’s world.

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