World of Work - Writer & Editor

12/06/2020 10:05

As part of our new ‘World of Work’ series, our in-house writer Holly Pigache interviews members of the Picaro World and EdTech Lobby community to find out about different professional pathways.  Here, I interview myself as Senior Editor, Writer and Educational Specialist.


How did you get into your current role at EdTech Lobby and Picaro World?

After studying Psychology at university, I trained to be a primary teacher.  For quite a few years I loved the job and imagined myself being a teacher of little ones forever.  But then, four years down the line, I began to understand why teacher-retention was so low and I found myself falling out of love with the profession.  Since my early twenties, I have been an avid reader and keen writer and knew this was the career path I wanted to pursue.  Over six months, I received countless rejections from large and small publishing houses (after all, I had no experience) and so I applied for an internship in a publishing house which only solidified my love for publishing.  Fortunately, I have a friend who knew Danijela and suggested we meet – maybe she could give me some tips about getting into publishing?  One charming brunch later, I walked out of the café with a job working under an amazing mentor, and now a dear friend.


What is the most interesting part of your job? 

The opportunities for learning.  I’m often involved with new projects and have learnt so many skills because of this.


What is something that surprises you about your work?

My ability to write under time-pressure on a variety of topics and produce engaging content each week.


Have there been any key turning points in determining your career progression?

The main turning point was having the courage to leave a successful career in teaching.  Another pivotal moment was meeting Dani for what I thought was going to be a chat about getting into publishing.  I was thrilled when she offered me a job.


Describe your career journey in three words. 

Unexpected.  Promising.  Rewarding.


Do you have an ultimate career goal?  If so, what is it?

Yes; I’d like to write a couple of books, particularly the kind of books that appear on Bestsellers lists and in my favourite bookshops.  Ambitious?  Yes, but it’s good to aim high.


Would you do anything differently if you could start your career again? 

Initially, I thought ‘no’, but I often wonder how my life would have turned out if I studied Journalism or Creative Writing rather than Psychology and then Education.


If you could do any job in the world, what would it be? 

I’m writing and I’m editing.  For now, I’m very happy.


What’s the main piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to get into a career as a writer or editor?

Write.  Write, write, write.  Develop your voice and take your writing seriously – otherwise, no one else will.  Another key piece of advice is: don’t write and edit at the same time; it’s much easier to edit words on a page than a blank piece of paper!  Push boundaries, be fearless and go for it.  Your instinct is often right.