The Armadillo’s Song

27/03/2020 10:28

Have you heard the story of the Armadillo’s Song?  Originally from Bolivia in South America, this folktale has been passed through the generations.

A long time ago, there lived an armadillo who loved music more than he loved anything else in the world.  Every morning, he went down to the pond, listened to the frogs sing and longed to be able to sing like them.  He asked them, ‘Can you teach me?’ only for the frogs to reply, ‘Don’t be silly; armadillos can’t sing’.  The armadillo was so sad.  So, the armadillo went to the forest and pleaded with the birds to teach him how to sing, ‘Can you teach me?’ he implored.  ‘Don’t be silly; armadillos can’t sing,’ replied the birds.  The armadillo was so sad he began to cry.  As the armadillo was leaving the forest, he came across a man who was passing by.  ‘Why are you crying, armadillo?’ he asked.  The armadillo replied that he was sad because he couldn’t sing.  The man asked the armadillo one clear question: ‘Do you like singing?’  The armadillo said he liked singing very much.  Shortly after, the man spoke again.  He said he could help the armadillo, but the armadillo would have to wait until he died.  The armadillo was pleased to wait; he was so eager to sing like the other animals.  The man told the armadillo to come back and see him after he had lived a long and good life. 

The armadillo listened to the man.  He filled his life with selfless deeds; helping other animals and he lived a long life.  When he was very old, the armadillo returned to the man.  He said, ‘I have lived a long life and I am ready to sing.’  Saying this with a big smile on his face, the armadillo fell into a long and deep sleep, slowly slipping away to death.  With the armadillo’s shell, the old man made a beautiful guitar.  With his guitar, he travelled all around the world and played it to eager listeners.  The guitar produced the most wonderful sound in the forest and all the animals heard its beautiful songs.  The animals exclaimed together, ‘Now the armadillo can finally sing!’

Written by: Holly Pigache