Interactive Learning Scenes bring English phonics to life on the IWB

02/10/2015 14:28

Learning and teaching English phonics gets more efficient and engaging with this new tool for the Interactive White Board (IWB). Picaro Interactive Learning Scenes (ILS) allow the teacher to project phonics content on the IWB and to practise phonics pronunciation by clicking on the audio button and repeating after the speaker.

  • Clearer, more complete and now bigger than ever when projected on an Interactive Whiteboard, the ILS can involve the whole class as well as individual students.
  • The ILS will model the key sounds, sound out the words and then give a clear example for the children to repeat.


The Interactive Learning Scenes tool is a fantastic addition to the Picaro Phonics package. It is available on the Learning Management System (LMS) under the “Materials” tab to everyone who purchases the Phonics books. Customers who don’t use the Phonics Books can also buy the ILS for a small fee. Would you like to learn more? Email us at