How to use Picaro's Flashcards (3)

26/05/2020 09:25

Picaro has almost 1,000 flashcards relating to all our content.  With so much on offer, there are plenty of activities you can do with your child to engage them in learning English.  Over the next series of blog posts, we’ll be sharing ways you can use the flashcards at home.

To read our ideas for the first set of Picaro Starting Out Flashcards, click here.  To see the second, click here.


Moving On Flashcards

Sort the flashcards into different categories.

Write out the words in uppercase letters.


For objects in the home, place the flashcards around your house to practise saying the words in English.  Similarly, match the food flashcards with food in the fridge and the cupboards!

Draw a picture for the weather flashcards or the transport flashcards. 

Display the weather flashcards each day, depending on what the weather is like outside.

Draw a picture to explain the positioning flashcards, such as ‘first’, ‘second’ etc.

Copy out the sentence word cards.  Remember the capital letters and full stops!


Draw pictures to match the descriptive adjective flashcards.

Cut out the animal flashcards (including the English word) and play with them.



We’d love to see your ways of using the Picaro Flashcards!  Share your learning with us on our social media pages (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).


Keep an eye out for our final set of ideas for the Flying High Flashcards.


Written by: Holly Pigache