A week at Picaro and OSE Summer School

11/11/2019 17:32

Whether you arrive at Picaro Summer School by coach or by plane, you will be met by one of the Group Leaders. On arrival at the centre, you will have the chance to unpack, get to know your roommates and settle in before a friendly welcome dinner and evening of activities. Bedtime will be at 10pm every night you are on the trip. 

Day 2 starts with a scrumptious breakfast with a full-English hot breakfast or pastries, cereals and fresh fruit to choose from.  In the Student Induction, you can expect to find out more about the activities you’ll be doing over the week, as well as finding out rules and agreements to keep you safe and to make sure you all have fun. 

Before lunch there is a Testing Session which will help the Group Leaders put you in the best English class for you.  After lunch, you will divide into groups before enjoying a walking tour with a Group Leader.  On this walk, you’ll find out about the local area and familiarise yourself with the surroundings.  Dinner is followed by a fun disco.

After breakfast on Day 3, you will have your first lesson.  In your Picaro class, you’ll split into teams and get to decide on a team name.  Over your stay, you and your team will aim to collect house points to be added up at the end of camp.  In your first lesson, you’ll practise English to develop your fluency and then will prepare a presentation with your team to show to the class.  This is nothing to be worried about; all the staff and children at the Picaro Summer School are really friendly and you’ll have plenty of time to prepare your presentation (find tips to help with public speaking here). Following from lunch, you will get into groups and practise for a talent show later in the week and after dinner there will be a scavenger hunt!

Day 4 involves an excursion to the beautiful British city of Cambridge.  You will have the opportunity to take photos of this historic area and spend some money on souvenirs.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes on this day and take a raincoat – England is well-known for its wet weather!  This is also a good time to practise your English with locals.  Can you hear different accents in the town or any unknown nouns?  Be sure to write down what you discover so you can talk about your day back at camp.  In the evening you will have the chance to collaborate with teammates and compete in a Quiz Night before bedtime.

On Day 5, you’ll have a busy morning of learning before lunch.  You’ll find out what ‘collocations’ are in English grammar and have another lesson to develop your growing English fluency.  After lunch, you’ll prepare for movie night.  With your team, you’ll spend time filming your own movies on smartphones and tablets and the Group Leaders will help you to edit them for a movie showcase the next day.  For dinner, you might want to sit with your talent show team because tonight’s the night of the talent show!

You’ll love the first lesson on Day 6 to practise your debating skills before delivering another presentation to your class.  In the afternoon, there is the choice between playing sports or visiting Uppingham market and by the evening, we guess you might be a little tired, so you can relax and chill with friends after dinner.  This is also the time when you’ll get to watch the short films other teams made the day before and the whole group will get to vote on a kids’ film to watch.


What a treat Day 7 involves!  The day will be filled with sightseeing around London, visiting important landmarks you will likely have learnt about back at home.  Remember to bring your camera on this day and take lots of photos so you can tell your family about London when you return home. You’ll visit Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, the London Eye and Tower Bridge.  The Group Leaders will be sure to find somewhere nice for a packed lunch and a well-needed rest.  At the end of the day, you’ll also have a packed dinner and you can discuss your day with friends and staff.


On your final day, as you hop on the coach to the airport, we’re sure you’ll be sad to leave.  But wow!  What a busy week you will have had!  You will have improved your English, visited historic towns and cities around England and hopefully made friends and memories that will last. 

We’re so excited to welcome you to Picaro Summer School in 2020.  Speak to your teacher to find out more.